• Interior designers

  • Real Estate Agents / Groups

  • Architects

  • Residential homes

  • Condo or Apartment building advertising

  • Retail Spaces



Half day $1000+

Full day $1800+

Anne (only applicable for some shoots)

For one hour - $250

Hourly Rate - $175

Half Day $700

Full Day $1300


Interiors Process

  • Including styling time, one room can take anywhere between 30-75 mins.

  • For smaller budget shoots we can don’t style the space, we simply shoot each space quickly.

Editing Policy: We do standard editing - lighting, color, contrast etc. If there are any glaring light switches, air vents etc we typically remove those depending on the complexity.

For the usage rights, we maintain the copyright but the client is allowed to use the images for any promotional items as you need. The contract states that you can not sell the images to a third party, but you can allow a third party to use them at no cost. For example, if a magazine wants to feature you, they can use the images but can not pay you for them. If you are looking to sell the images to magazines let us know and we can discuss further how we could work that out. We are flexible and want you to be able to use the images for anything you need!

We have incredibly talented prop stylists that we work with for these projects. They will work with you to decide on the vibe of the space, then go out to source props, flowers, food, etc to create a more lived-in look for your space. Great for interior designers, high-end real estate, and architects.

Prop styling add-on - $75+/hr $300 -$1,500 Recommended for website and social content use

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